Behavioral Thoughts

The Seasoning of Behavioral Targeting

I am feeling quite a convergence of new things occuring with online media. I am fascinated by some of the ways people are linking and connecting and sharing and learning and innovating…. the web has so many online communities and sites that form cohort social groups, made of interesting like minded people.,,,,, etc…

I can see so many ways that this could all evolve in regards to a targeted advertising medium. This particular sector is growing rapidly in terms of online advertising. Between the targeted content, and advertising opportunites this presents, all the way down to the creation of some of the most niched out messaging ever thought of in terms of “modern and traditional advertising”

Think about belonging to a small cohort demographic group of the population, its you along with the other likeminded folks. Your talking and interacting both online and offline, your part of a “society” and engaged in a lifestyle, regularly getting together and being who you are.

As you interact online through online communities and social networking sites, it becomes very much a possibility that through behavioral profiling and modeling, your little niched online world, your community, starts sending ads that are “speaking” only towards people like you. Only certain products, services, brands, etc are shown to you in an advertiser supported social network. The network is catered to you…. More later on the ethics side… there are pros and cons to discuss.

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