ASCAP Offers Podcast License

by Greg Cangialosi on February 11, 2005

This is so cool. Finally, a break in the music licensing arena for podcasts! I have about 3-4 podcasts already produced that I had used non pod-safe music on, simply because I dont have time to make up my own music, and you probably wouldn’t want to hear it if I made anyway. That being the case, I have not released any of my podcasts for public consumption, due to the sole reason that I used other artist’s music on it. Now, ASCAP has released a $280 annual license, with a shitload of clauses, etc, built it that allows podcasters to use licensened material on their audio shows.

I know that this is being taken a bunch of differnet ways across the blogosphere and amongst the podcast community, however I can’t help to think that even though its a little bit of “the man” stepping into the blogging/podcasting/new media revolution picture, it can only be good for the movement.

Why do I say that? Well, your listening to a guy who comes from the world of music promotion. Through my 4 years as a promoter, booking, promoting and producing shows, I always had to deal with ASCAP fees. If you think of it in a commercial sense, which is where all of this is going (sorry to all of you who I know love the medium as it is today) some kind of licensing fees are inevitable. Actually, the small fee doesnt bother me as much, since now it frees me to podcast with access to a greater library of audio. I guess I take the position of the podfather Adam Curry, lets experiment with this and see where it goes.

So, I guess I will be one of the first wave to sign up for the ASCAP licensce that will allow me to work in (hopefully) some non pod-safe music into my mix. At the same time I will work to shamelessly promote unsigned bands and DJ’s moving forward. Lets rock people!