The Warped World of Connectivity

The world is just getting crazy isnt it? I was reading Iconoculture’s email newsletter today, and found out that state parks are installing wi-fi for its consumers! Sick aren’t we? We take the most natural of environments, the very places we escape to, to get away from it all and find serenity….and we light it up with broadband :-) Well I have to say, I just may be one of those sickies who bring their laptop and connect! :-) Lets see how I do next week when I am on vacation far away with my new Treo.

Birds twittering, leaves rustling, frogs croaking — and e-mail pinging? From Michigan to Texas, WiFi’s flying into state parks. California alone has plans to connect 85 parks by June 2005 (Government Technology 5.05). Campers can hit the Net for hiking routes, birding words, and — yes — to read the latest edition of their favorite e-newsletter.

By letting woodies surf the Web from the wilds, park officials feel like they’re simply responding to consumer desires to stay connected. Some people, though, do worry about WiFi’s presence — and the psychological hook of connectivity that it brings to nature spots. Remarks sociology professor Patrick Carroll, “There’s now a social addiction to being connected” (Modesto Bee 1.23.05). Job questions, unanswered e-mail, the feeling of missing something — they all draw people back to their screens — now, no matter where they are.

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  1. Flipthedolphin Says:

    Oh man… I’d love to connect to the net while staying in touch with nature… It’s like a dream coming true. What a pity here in Italy we are still in the “stone age” of tech and burocracy…

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