Performance Podvertising

This is a very interesting concept by an Orlando based start up who is attempting to create a performance based ad model for podcasters. Check them out at PodcastSPOTS. The idea is to give podcasters a way to generate revenue from their content and also be able to use podsafe music in their creations, the site is open to musicians, advertisers and of course publishers.

“We built a site that lets podcasters insert audio ads and podsafe music into their podcasts, and get paid on a per-click basis, per-insert basis, or a variety of other methods, and we made it super simple to use”

I am just not so sure about the “super simple to use” part. To be honest, the execution is a bit rough. I think with a redesign of the interface, one that makes it very clear what the site actually provides, these guys could be on to something. Another aspect I am weary of, is if I am looking to generate revenue as a podcaster, I dont think I am sold on the model of people going back to a site to see what ads they heard in a podcast and hoping they will click on the ad in order to get paid. I know this is only one way that the model works, and I also know they are in beta :-) The per-insert basis, however, could be a very effective model moving forward.

As with anything related to advertising and marketing, the advertisers have to see a clear return on investment. If the guys from PodcastSPOTS can create some effective case studies that show a clear ROI or lift for their advertisers, they will open the door to lots of potential business. You can check out their show on advertising in podcasts at AdsonPods. A link to the full press release is here.

One thing is for sure, as podcasting continues to evolve, there will be more and more people looking to monetize their content. Maybe Odeo will also offer performance based advertising like this?

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