Talking Wine Labels

This is an interesting idea that I came across on Iconoculture. Italy’s Modulgraf Printing is releasing a wine label that will transmit audio information about wine. The concept works very much like a museum tour or a city tour. Wine purchasers can listen to information about a wine’s origin, what foods it will go well with, etc, essentially acting as an audio sommelier. To me something like this could have legs to it. Wine purchasing can be tough if you don’t have the basic understandings of grape varietals and regions, and a concept like this could help the mass markets embrace and understand a wine before purchasing. I wonder how long it would take for something like this to be widespread?

“The idea is to bring the oenologist to the table so that each wine can explain itself in the first person,” says Modulgraf’s Daniele Barontini. “It could tell you how to enjoy the wine, where it came from, everything you’d hear from a sommelier. You could even have music” (Reuters 7.6.05).

per Iconoculture

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