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By Greg • Oct 6th, 2005 • Category: Blogging, Business, People

Paid Content reports that Weblogs, Inc is being bought by AOL. Jason Calacanis and his partner Brian Alvey have decided to exit early and take a buy out, or as Paid Content reports possibly some kind of earn out. As a business owner, that can only mean one thing, they got a sweet deal. The company is just about 2 years old with a run rate of approximately $2 million in revenues. In other words, they are just getting going. I am sure we will be hearing much more about the particulars, but it sounds like they could have a deal worth somewhere in the $20-30 million range. Not bad for a business that was started just two years ago, even if there is an incentived earn out attached to it. Nice job Jason.

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  1. Weblogs Inc bought by AOL

    Huge news in the blogging world. Weblogs Inc has been purchased by AOL according to PaidContent.org.

  2. Weblogs Inc. Sold To AOL

    Weblogs Inc. a blog network run by Jason Calacanis and funded by VC’s such as Mark Cuban was sold to AOL today (October 6, 2005) for what Wired.com reported as $25 million dollars. This might be a wake up call

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