Trick App:

November 20, 2005 – 9:33 am

This is pretty slick, a new app dubbed “” A trick new app that offers instant message alerts for any RSS or Atom enabled content you are interested in. Certainly an interesting way to be alerted to fresh content on a favorite feed.

Use to be notified instantly when:

* news on a certain topic is posted
* your competitor does something of interest
* something interesting happens with a favorite sports team
* your name or company is written about
* you receive new email

Check it out - a simple addition to your bookmarks (no installation required) allows you to tag or “monitor” sites when you come across something you want to stay up on. For example, I scrolled to one of my favorite online marketing blogs - which offers me timely, informative and highly relative content continously. When I get to the site I hit the “monitor this” button and pick a IM service, type in my username, and I am done. Now when there are new posts I am instant messaged on that particular account. Simple, but cool.

per the ever cool Tim Yang

Tags: RSS, instant messaging

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  1. One Response to “Trick App:”

  2. ::in my old man voice:: meh. I got enough pesky kids trying to talk to my through IM… now Im getting alerts too?::

    By bicyclemark on Nov 20, 2005

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