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By Greg • Dec 5th, 2005 • Category: Podcasting

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Check out my latest podcast. This time I kick off the first podcast initiative for Verizon Wireless. The podcast is about the launch of the new, Verizon Wireless, V Wireless device. In the photo to the right, I am chatting with John Johnson of Verizon Wireless. John spent an hour and walked me through all of the features and functionality of the V. All I can say is two words, V-Cast Rocks! Check out the Flickr set here. Enjoy.

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  1. Greg,

    Very cool! Looking forward to hearing it. BTW, I like the new header!


  2. I think the idea of Podcasting is absurd. If this service is just offered for VZW customers with the LG9800, then that makes it worse. This is just another way for Verizon to eat up their customers’ money. I think Verizon would double their success rate if they offered FULL bluetooth capabilities on their phones, instead of forcing their customers to buy off of Get It Now and other similar services. With FULL bluetooth functionality, we could download other Podcast-like services for FREE! But as always, it’s a “security issue.” I’m certain they could fix the security issue and STILL offer FULL bluetooth capabilities on their phones.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jeremy. I am not really sure though what your comment is in relation to the Verizon Wireless podcast? Its not a service they offer and are making customers pay for, its a marketing / product launch podcast to educate its existing customers and new prospective customers about the release of the new “V Wireless Device” or aka the VX 9800. Did you give it a listen? After you would probably see where I am coming from.

    I agree with you on Bluetooth – that would be a great thing to have in all phoens… heres to the future!

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  5. Dear Trend junkie—-and Verizon John.

    I’m a clinical psychologist, Jungian Analyst, author, and lover of really fabulous things techno—I owned one of the first VW bugs imported into this country—-1956—-I had sold my MG TD for twice what I’d paid for it—and still had a few hundred after buying a brand new VW with a sunroof.

    I had a very adorable Toshiba Liretto 70, and the first Canon Elph——

    I think this V Cast 9800 is going to join those babies. I sent out some pictures of it next to my IBM 40p (with the 7200 rpm HD—-calling it my Itty Bitty Joy Toy—-and saying—-size does matter. This is terrific. For getting gmail, including attachments, great videos, and pics, and as a phone. I haven’t even begun to see what a mini SD card will bring…

    PS I’m 68.

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