Christmas in Atlantic City

I am pretty well settled into holiday mode at this point. It’s 8:30am on December 24th, and I am enjoying an egg nog and some hand made biscotti’s while we prepare to hit the road jack. This year we will continue our traditional family get together as we do every year, however, in a completely non-traditional location. In about an hour or two we will be heading out Atlantic City, NJ. My family decided that we all needed a Christmas that was pretty laid back and stress free for everyone. Its been one hell of a year for our family. For some of you who remember, earlier this year, my parents house burned to the ground and they lost everything. That turned out to be only the beginning of our woe’s for the year, we also just lost our Grandmother last month and will miss her dearly this Christmas. Their house though, was the keeper of the holiday season for all of us for the past 20 plus years. In the meantime as they prepare to move into their new home, Christmas is here.

So, this year instead of hanging out and lounging around the house eating, drinking, chilling, etc we are all headed to AC and staying at The Borgata. AC’s newest hotel and casino. I myself haven’t been to AC in a LONG time, and I’m definitely not a gambler, but I do enjoy a good time, and everyone who I talk to about the Borgata tells me that it rocks. So, it appears this year Christmas will be spent eating, drinking, getting massages and other spa treatments, gambling and enjoying the other attractions in AC. Definitely different.
More later. Happy Holidays!

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