ROI Radio: Matt Blumberg, Return Path

This weeks ROI Radio is posted. I actually posted it last night. I decided to start posting them on Sunday nights so the shows are available first thing Monday morning. This week features a conversation with Matt Blumberg, President & CEO of Return Path. Matt and I have a good conversation around Return Paths products and services, all of which increase email reach and response. Blue Sky Factory is a client of Return Path’s and we absolutely love what they do. Matt’s team has invested heavily in some of the best email deliverability monitoring tools available today.

On the podcast Matt and I discuss services such as Sender Score Certified, Email Change of Address, Authentic Response, and even get a chance to discuss RSS. Matt is also on the board of directors of Feedburner.

Matt also writes a great blog called “Only Once” about his entrepreneurial experiences as a first time CEO, and other topics.

Check out the direct download here. Subscribe with iTunes here.

Happy listening, and it goes without saying, feel free to send feedback, drop a comment or tell a friend if you enjoy the show.

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