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This weeks episode of ROI Radio features a chat with Michael Geoghegan, Co-Founder / CEO of Gigavox Media. Michael and I had a chance to sit down at last weeks Podcast Academy between sessions and catch up on all of the latest and greatest. We talk about IT Conversations, the first and still the largest podcast network online today. We also discuss the evolution of Gigavox Media, and the upcoming release of Gigavox Audio Lite, a new podcasting work flow and management system.

The features of Gigavox Audio Lite are extremely helpful for anyone who is producing a podcast or a series or a network of podcasts. Outside of the show assembly workflow, the section of the app thats really sexy to me is the ad campaign manager. Michael and I talk a lot about how publishers can execute an ad or sponsorship campaign on behalf of an advertiser, and with a click of the button deploy that spot to an episode that was published a year ago. This requires no updating of that original file. Simply put, thats huge. Think about it, publishers will be able to monetize not only their current content, but also their historic and archived content. Good stuff.

Also discussed is the upcoming Podcast Academy book that I am participating in writing along with a great cast of folks. There will be MUCH more on that very shortly. Check out the show for the full conversation.

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