On Travel (Alot of Travel)

What a crazy schedule as of late. It has been a whirlwind week of travel which began a week ago today. I left the house at 4am last Friday and began a travel spree that is almost coming to an end. The good news is I am in sunny Miami, Florida where the weather is absolutely beautiful as opposed to some of the other places in the country.

My record travel week, in terms of flights went something like this;

- Friday am leave house 4am to catch 6am flight to Orange County, CA

- Arrive OC at 11am west coast time, attend a one hour meeting, check into hotel, eat sushi (good hanging Michael)

- Back to John Wayne airport at 5am on Sat, fly back to Baltimore through Dallas, arrive in Baltimore 5:30pm EST

- Dinner with my lovely wife, packed my suitcase again, and crashed.

- Sunday am back to BWI airport at 6am for a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, arrived 10:30am

- Arrive at Radisson in Miami in preparation for the sold out MarketingSherpa Email Summit (we were exhibiting)

- Sunday afternoon set up booth and go right into cocktail hour in exhibit hall at 5pm - 7pm - out that evening until 1am (Sushi Samba and the Ritz for drinks)

- Monday, booth all day, networking, meeting folks, prospects, etc - out again til 1am (did China Grill and The Shore Club)

- Tuesday did the exhibit thing again all day (translation = on feet all day), broke down the booth around 5pm and shipped it back to Baltimore.

At this point as you can imagine, I was feeling pretty toasty and was definitely working off of fumes. I decided to stay in Miami for a few days and unwind and catch up on a few things. I have been enjoying a few low key days at The Standard, the whole theme of the hotel is hydrotherapy and spa. This made it easy for me to keep on my once a month massage resolution :-)

I am checking out now and heading north to spend the day at Langerado with some friends and enjoy some live music in the sun. Baltimore is on the horizon tomorrow! Then its back in the routine. Lots to write about and catch up on.

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