Factory Direct: Trends & Best Practices

We just launched the April edition of Factory Direct, our monthly email newsletter. Kudos to the staff once again for cranking out some great original content on the topics of “transactional emails” and email “personalization.” Here are some of the highlights of this months featured articles:

Enhanced Transactional Emails:

by Tim Barton

“There is an interesting irony that has existed within email marketing for the last few years. And, as often is the case, it has been very obvious, yet until recently largely ignored. Many companies see this as a true “Aha!” moment.

Transactional emails represent one of the best opportunities we as marketers will ever have to build the all important customer relationship. Yet most companies have long ignored this seemingly obvious strategy.” - CLICK HERE to read more.

Personalization in Email:

by Joanna Lawson-Matthew

“The average business email user receives nearly 100 emails each day. How can you cut through this clutter to get your email noticed? One way to get your reader’s attention is to use personalization, specifically by including the recipient’s first name in either the subject line or email copy.” - CLICK HERE to read more.

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