Two ROI Radio’s This Week

by Greg Cangialosi on April 22, 2007

In an attempt to play a little “catch up” I posted two ROI Radio’s this week. This past Wednesday I posted my discussion with Christine Burke who is the Vice President of Corporate Sales for L’Occitane. It was a great change of perspective having a discussion from the client or company point of view versus the vendor / provider point of view. Christine and I talk about how L’Occitane is implementing a variety of online marketing channels and how they optimize the medium.

As mentioned in an earlier previous post, I also had a chance to speak with Kris Smith, VP of New Media at Room 214, founder of Palegroove Studios and produce of the Croncast. Kris was a trooper, jumping on the phone with me literally with about 2 minutes notice and being asked one simple yet powerful question of “whats next?”

You can check out both podcasts at the ROI Radio site. Subscribe to the RSS feed here. Subscribe via iTunes here.

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