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Love the New Gong

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This week at Blue Sky Factory, we rolled out our brand new gong. This is an authentic gong made in the award winning Brass Instrument Factory in Wuhan, China.

The gong now represents one of the ways that we both acknowledge and celebrate our sales efforts.

From this week forward, every time that we make a sale, whether it be a new client coming on board, or an up-sell with an existing client, we will definitely be banging the gong :-)

It is truly an incredible instrument, and one that is unbelievably present with its sound. And the fact that our office is in a historic renovated theater makes it that much more present.

We plan on banging the gong A LOT here at Blue Sky. To deal with the excessive amount of “gonging” that will be taking place, we are going to come up with a few base line “gong rules.” These will be designed to ensure that the “gonging” continues to represent a symbol of success and celebration, versus a disruption or distraction :-)

To the gong, and lots of it.

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