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This past Tuesday, I gave a presentation titled “From inbox to iPod: Meshing Today’s Social Media Elements into the Marketing Strategy,” at the edu Web Conference.

I had a great time, and I very much appreciate everyone who attended, as there were two other great sessions to choose from at that time. That said, thank you to everyone that showed up, spoke with me afterwards, and linked up with me on the various online social nodes. I have also received about 40 requests for my deck / presentation.

To make things easier, and to share with everyone else, I am posting my presentation here on my blog. Feel free to download it here in PDF format.

It was an interesting talk for me. It was my first time speaking on this particular subject, and getting pretty granular in terms of where the attention is, discussing new emerging social mediums, all the way down to exposing a glimpse of my entire social universe to the audience.

One of the overall themes that I presented in my talk, was the concept that publishing is marketing….now more than ever. We are living in the time of “content is king,” in so many different channels, formats and endpoints (email, rss, podcasting, video, networks, widgets, mobile, etc).

The future of successful marketing for companies and organizations will have a lot to do with developing solid, regular content that is both targeted and relevant, and uniquely designed for each of the content endpoints listed above. There are many established distribution channels (and many more on the way) that allow for the rapid dissemination of content. So, publishing that content, in a variety of formats, promoting it, and engaging with the consumers of it, will be key in the years to come.

The other key message that I didn’t get to spend enough time on was that of measurement. How do we measure the success of our efforts around the participation within the social web? Since metrics and measurement, especially around new mediums usually takes quite a while to figure out (For example, the AMD was just announced a week ago, and is the first official organization to take a hard approach around developing standardized metrics and measurement around downloadable media), organizations need to be somewhat subjective about how they measure their efforts.

ROE or Return on Engagement is a metric we will be hearing a lot more about moving forward. At this point, its more important to stay on top of publishing, monitoring and participating in dialog with your audience. From that good things will come and begin to emerge.

So, start publishing, and start marketing.

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