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by Greg Cangialosi on August 13, 2007

As mentioned last week, Steve Fisher, editor of B5 Media’s Startup Spark blog, and I did an email interview which he began posting this week. Honestly, I had the thing half baked on my desktop for over a month and finished it up on the plane out to Seattle :-) Thanks for your patience Steve!

Steve recently posted part 2 & 3 of the interview. You can check out the series here:

Startup Spark:

Part 1 – Backround, Blue Sky Factory, Competitive Landscape
Part 2 – Vision, Revenue, Team
Part 3 – Elements for success, Bootstrapping, Marketing


What approach to marketing plays a significant role in promoting and attracting customers to Blue Sky Factory?

Our approach is, we are different. We are not your typical ESP, and you learn that fast. Outside of our search marketing, our ads are different and edgy. I also embrace social media, and I think that’s important as the CEO. As you know, social media brings a certain level of transparency to the company. People get to know me; they get to know the company. We are open, we blog, we are on the social networks, we are speaking at events, sponsoring unusual events, publishing articles, interviewing with the press, being thought leaders, etc. We get a lot of people referring us business simply because they know us. I think all of those things above play a significant role in our marketing and how we attract business.

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