Entrepreneur Interview w/ Niccolò Favari

by Greg Cangialosi on August 19, 2007

My good friend via the interwebs, Niccolò Favari a.k.a. flipthedolphin, recently posted an interview with me on his blog. It’s kind of strange having two entrepreneur themed interviews go live within a weeks time. This one was completed well before Gnomedex.

I first met Niccolò in the blogsphere. I don’t remember when, but it was back in late 04 or early 05. You know how it goes, one day he left a comment on my blog, and then I left a comment on his, etc.. next thing you know we are friends from the blogosphere.

Niccolò has been an incredible friend over the years. He was the original registrar for my blog’s domain, he has helped me time and time again with small WordPress tweaks, and many other technical issues and questions. He is also an incredible photographer.

He recently asked me to do an interview for his blog, flipthedolphin. This is in the same vein as the Startup Spark interview with Steve Fisher, in regards to it being about my experiences with entrepreneurship, but the questions are totally different.

You can find the interview at this link.

“…I would say above all else, the one thing that will continually separate successful entrepreneurs and businesses, from others, in regards to momentum and success is their ability to “Execute” The get the job done part is key. People talk a lot, and have a lot of ideas, but in order to succeed you need to always be executing.”

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