Interview - Doug Kaye, Conversations Network (trend tv)

October 8, 2007 – 11:54 am

I am joined by Doug Kaye of the Conversations Network in the hallways of PNME. Doug and I talk about the sale of Gigavox Audio Lite to Pondango, Pod Corps, and the technology demo that he and Bruce Sharpe gave just a few minutes later.

Tags: newmediaexpo, podango, podcasting, technology, media, marketing, michaelgeoghegan, gigavox, dougkaye, conversationsnetwork, podcorps, levelator

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  1. 3 Responses to “Interview - Doug Kaye, Conversations Network (trend tv)”

  2. nice to see the face behind the voice, Podcore, sounds interesting. not sure i want to see someone talk on the cuts everytime. but i guess its great for getting a rough edit done quickly ?

    probably great for low cost conferences and internal corporate communications.

    Once again Greg, thanks for the trends !

    By scott mcdougall on Oct 8, 2007

  3. Scott -

    You can check out what Pod Corps right here:

    Enjoy! and thanks again for watching!


    By Greg on Oct 8, 2007

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