Email Marketing’s Role in New Media: Podcamp Boston Presentation

by Greg Cangialosi on July 20, 2008

Yesterday, I spoke at Podcamp Boston 3 up at Harvard Medical School in the beautiful Joesph B Martin Conference Center. The topic of my presentation was titled, “Email Marketing’s Role in New Media.” I have posted the slides below, feel free to download and share.

Email Marketing's Role in New Media
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This presentation is the first of three times that I will be presenting on this topic. Thanks to the Podcamp team for allowing me to “beta” it at this weekends event. The central theme of the presentation is that email is the “digital glue” of the new media landscape, and a medium that is not to be overlooked. Email is the internet’s dominant application, and is where the attention is of our audiences on the most frequent basis. As companies move more towards a “publishing is marketing” model, email is more important than ever to tie your messaging together and cross-pollinate content.

I will blog more on this topic and perhaps record a podcast to expand on this. I received some valuable feedback from some of the audience, and look forward to tweaking the slides and presenting it again this Wednesday at the edu Web Conference in Atlantic City.