Trend Radio #4: Thoughts, Inspiration, & The Bridge

Hello! Trend Radio #4 is up. 20 minutes to the T, hopefully it plays clear for you, still changing things around a bit. This edition offers nothing that was planned, I just got home from work on this snowy day in Baltimore and hit the studio for a session. You will find some babble on podcasting, my weblog, some technical stuff, a INCREDIBLE tune by The Bridge, featuring some of the sickest beat box you have heard!

SORRY: I left my freaking cell on again and that damn sound jumps in on the track. No more, lesson learned.

I invoke some feedback and discussion format of future effects that podcasting will have on radio and in general. Bring it on, lets discuss and have fun :-)

Download MP3 20:00 min to the second, 9 megs

Show Links:

- Wired
- Adam Curry
- Jason Kottke (sorry dude about butchering your last name)
- Sony Sound Forge
- The Bridge
- Feedburner
- Steve Rubel
- The Crystal Method

Comments welcome thetrendjunkie at… Peace!

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