Trend Radio #9: Music Fest, New Podcasting Gear, Cleophone, Canasta

Trend Radio #9 is here! Having a good time in the studio once again. Lots of chat about music podcasting, an upcoming trip to NYC next week, and some interesting and unique finds, like the Cleophone and the band Canasta. All good, check it out.

Download MP3 8 megs, 19:36

Show Links:

Mexico (Playa Del Carmen)
Historic Federal Hill - Jazz and Blues Festival
Marantz PMD 670
Sennheiser MD 46
Doses dot com
Canasta Music

Comments and email welcome as always - hit me at thetrendjunkie at gmail dot com. Peeeeeeeeeeace out.

5 Responses to “Trend Radio #9: Music Fest, New Podcasting Gear, Cleophone, Canasta”

  1. Score » flipthedolphin Says:

    […] o; Rising Again


    A new podcast has been published by The Trend Junkie. It’s Trend Radio #9. As usual it’s full of interesting stuff: Greg knows his b […]

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Elizabeth from Canasta here. Nice to see you mention us on your site, thanks! Just curious about how you found out about us.

  3. The Trend Junkie Says:

    Hi Elizabeth :-) - Download the podcast Trend Radio #9, I talk all about where we met, which was Mexico at Kai Luuhm, we had dinner with you one night :-) We talked about your band briefly, so I thought I would highlight your band on my podcast. Hope all is well with you!



  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow. I’ve heard about podcasting, of course, but I didn’t know until today what it actually meant. So you do a radio show on mp3, and I download it to my ipod and listen to it, eh? I’m slow when it comes to electrical appliances. Thanks for introducing me

    Thanks for the play, we appreciate it!

    Kai Luum . . . *whistful sigh* . . .

  5. Greg Says:

    My pleasure, keep up the good work! You guys are onto something interesting. Best of luck! -G

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