Pontiac Summer Solstice Podcast

I am back in the saddle in Baltimore. This was a very exciting week! As mentioned in my previous post I was in NYC to do some podcasting but couldn’t mention any details about the who, what where or when, but now I can :-) I spent this Tuesday covering the Pontiac Summer Solstice Party in Times Square. This was a spontaneous, impromtu event held by the folks at Pontiac to celebrate the beginning of summer, the unveiling of the Pontiac Garage, as well as the upcoming release of 3 new vehicles this year. The event was focused around the new slick Pontiac Solstice two-seat roadster.

This is a continuation of Pontiac’s new concept of showing up at unexpected locations and events, and tying themselves to the entertainment industry. A very cool branding concept. I have to say it was a unique and exciting experience covering all of the events. The podcast was done from a “man on the street” perspective (literally), I was walking all over Times Square doing alot of soundseeing, chatting with people, interviewing bands and some celebrities. A truly great time and experience. I want to extend a BIG thank you to my man Andy Mueller who engineered for me all day Tuesday, he ran the gear, recorded the intro and sweeps that you hear in the podcast (great voice Andy) and stayed up ALL night with me editing the podcast. Great job! Also another HUGE thank you once again to Mike Spataro for thinking about me for this gig!

I will post more information on the podcast soon, in the meantime check it out at one of the following locations:

Pontiac Garage Podcast
GM Fastlane Blog
GM Podcast Feed

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  1. Ian Landsman's Weblog Says:

    Pontiac Podcast

    Trend Junkie is doing some neato podcasting stuff. His latests is coverage of a party in Times Square NYC for Pontiac….

  2. Todd Says:

    Awesome cast, bro! Ya kicked ass!

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