iTunes is #1

I was checking out my logs and feed stats this morning and learned that iTunes now represents the biggest client accessing my weblog. I have been noticing the lift over the past few weeks, and it has now surpassed Bloglines as the number one reader / client where people are accessing The Trend Junkie. People love their iTunes and are actively searching for podcasts.

2 Responses to “iTunes is #1”

  1. Terry Storch Says:

    How long did it take for you feed to get into iTunes. I submited mine 10 days ago, and it is still not in iTunes.

  2. Greg Says:

    Terry - I am not sure where iTunes aggregated their initial feeds from but mine was in their directory with the launch of 4.9. So I never submitted. I did optimize it though a bit using the Feedburner tool for iTunes.

    I will look out for your feed in iTunes!


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