The Rise of Podcasting

Mark Kingdon, CEO of Organic, writes an interesting piece today for his ClickZ column titled “Changing Channels and the Rise of Podcasting.” He talks about how marketers are beginning to embrace the medium:

The market is very, very new, but early-adopter advertisers are jumping in relatively quickly, testing a variety of formats and ideas.

We have definitely seen some direct evidence of that, but I am looking forward to hearing more formats and ideas, there is alot that can be done for the listener. Mark suggests some things marketers should be considering with podcasting:

1. Before you dip your toe in, determine podcast objectives.
2. Define your podcast audience.
3. Watch and measure.

Marks advice to marketers ends with:

Podcasting is so new, there are no tried-and-true formulas. If it’s out of your comfort zone, wait until the medium matures a bit. If you’re comfortable with uncertainty, jump right in.

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