Laurel Canyon: Movie Review

A Trip To Landing in Limbo

Quick movie review. I caught Laurel Canyon last night. Here is a flick with minimal character development, however oddly enough the characters are great! You have the conservative couple, the rock and roll artists and an enormous amount of sexual energy that never amounts to more than kissing.

The couple comes out to the canyon to stay with the guy’s mother (a record producer) so he can do his residency at the local hospital (where he meets his sexual tension partner), and so she can work on finishing her dissertation for her Phd while hanging at Mom’s house. Conservative Phd chick quickly starts hanging around with the musicians and artists and her significant others mother all day (where she flirts with her sexual tension and learns more about herself), while he is at the hospital with getting a hard on for this russian. The movie has some neat twists, but certainly the strangest ending I have ever seen. Limbo baby, limbo…

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