Freeganism? A bit of a stretch for me

Boing posted something today on the concept of “Freeganism” folks who are converting to a “Freegan” lifestyle. The term is derived from the word Vegan, folks who basically dont eat any food made from animal products, the strictest of the veg-heads. Now I am all about this, I was a vegan for quite a while, and a very strict vegetarian as well. In fact I still don’t eat any beef, chicken, pork, etc of the sorts, however, I do indulge in seafood as of just recently. So not sure if that makes me a “vegetarian” anymore or not.

Anyway, I digress. The Freegan movement though is a bit on the fringe, these are people who are strict to the point of picking their food from the trash of health food stores and super markets, or as reports:

“They call themselves freegans, and though some fill their fridges with food from garbage bins to save money, many choose not to buy food for philosophical reasons.”

The report goes on to quote a Freegan that says:

“It’s about being aware of the insane waste by our culture of overproduction and overconsumption”

I agree with that, and have my own thoughts of the sustainability of our food cycle, but picking your food out of the garbage if you dont have to? C’mon….

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