All Your Base Are Belong To Us

I know this crazy piece has been running around the web for a while. A colleague of mine turned me onto it in early 2003. However, I have seen a recent surge in the “AYBABTU” trend. Frankly, its just plain hilarious. I actually found out that this phenonmenon actually has its own site, in fact a couple. I am not sure how long its been up but you can check them out below.

One thing is for sure though, if you have never seen the “All Your Base” flash video before you must. To check out the flash movie in a browser click here.

The best part is that without a decent amount gaming history knowledge you wouldn’t know where this came from, thankfully our writers have put up the history of this trend.

For more base info check out:

The “Official” Planet Tribes AYB Site

“The Official home to the video which kicked off the “All your Base” craze, transforming it from a tiny inside joke to an explosively popular internet phenomenon.”


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