Sunday, February 20, 2005

iPod vs. Napster

Well folks the marketing war has begun by Napster towards people who may be in the market for an iPod. I have to admit I recently got a 40 gig iPod and absolutely LOVE it. Its a part of my daily life now, I use it when I walk to work, when I travel, to produce my podcasts, and to store all sorts of various on demand media. Personally, I have plenty of music to put on it already and there are a TON of people producing quality content online today to load up those 40 gigs.

However, I recently learned that Napsters new Napster-to-Go tracks apparently has been hacked! I read this post on the new Tech Fu weblog:

"I had a feeling that someone would come up with a means to hack the DRM from Napster-to-Go tracks and allow them to be saved as stripped files.

Via Gizmodo via BoingBoing via marv on record (and originating in comes a method for signing up for the free trial of Napster and exporting via Winamp Plug-In (dare I say plug-out?) to WAV, and re-encoding the file to DRM-free MP3.

Look for Napster to try to play the patch-back game wherein they make it stop working intermittently as the DRM is re-cracked in a never-ending arms-race."

The original marketing graphic is shown on Napsters site here, but some think it should read like this:

Give them a couple of days :-) In the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend an iPod!


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