Trend Radio #6: Wrap Up, Tuneage, The Duo

After a crazy week in the real world, Trend Radio #6 is up! Just recorded on this lovely Saturday morning here in Baltimore, MD. Starting off with the weekly wrap up of blogging and podcasting events, and moving directly into some memories of SXSW circa 1997. I introduce Sam Whitmore’s new podcast, “Closet Deadhead” and play a mean live track by the one and only Benevento-Russo Duo. I think I also may have successfully figured out how to include an “enclosure” on my RSS feed, so here is hoping it works! Happy listening and happy weekend!

Download mp3 - 9 megs, 21:16

Show Links:

Todd Storch
Tom Parish - Check Tom out at SXSW on The Future of Podcasting
Win Podcast
Closet Deadhead
Benevento-Russa Duo - Live this Tuesday in Baltimore!

Thanks for listening - comments and email welcome, send to thetrendjunkie at gmail dot com. Enjoy!

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