Music and Media

Its been a wild week so far, lots of work and LOTS of music :-) which I am always happy about. I have seen 3 live shows this week, accounting for almost every evening. For me though this is not a big deal because I live so close to a great live music venue (literally walking distance). I can cruise out around 9:30-10pm, which are when the opening bands are usually finished and the headliners are about to go on, catch a set of tuneage then head home and still be asleep at a decent hour, even though most shows go until 1am. I have to keep it real.

Yesterday was a travel day in DC, trains, metro, etc and it provided the perfect venue for listening to some podcasts. I often listen to them at home on my PC rather than my iPod, I actually dont get that many opportunites to listen to them on the road. I listened to some great ones, the Podcast Brothers, Closet Deadhead ranked at the top. On demand media does rock! More later.

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