Bad Blogger Manifesto

After writing his “coming back” post (you know the one that your write after you have abandoned your weblog for a long time), Sean Carton has written the “Bad Blogger Manifesto” shown below. I encourage everyone to read Sean’s post “Bad Bloggers Rule” or as I called it above his “coming back” post, and take good note not to over-indulge in what he calls HANL or “heres a nifty link” blogging :-) He explains his version of this phenomena very well. Thanks Sean, glad to see your “back” and thanks for calling out the HANL bloggers, it has made me think about the content I post and the HANL I have participated in, more original content on its way!

Sean’s Bad Blogger Manifesto:

1. I will post what I want, when I want, for whom I want.
2. I will not take ads. Nothing against ads, but the hassle with dealing with them and the ugliness they bring isn’t worth the effort.
3. I will not be an outlet for press releases. If you want me to flack for you, pay me.
4. I will not put my life on hold to keep this up. I already have a job. I don’t need another that doesn’t pay.
5. I will suffer fools gladly. I like nuts.
6. I will not argue my points. Go ahead and comment, but you ain’t changing my mind.
7. I will not worry too much about punctuation, spelling, or grammar. If you don’t like it, read something else. You gotta pay me to worry about stuff like that.
8. I will not look at my stats. Ever. If I wanted to worry about circulation, I’d start a real publication.
9. I will not worry about what my employer thinks. I happen to like my employer, but this is MY blog, damnit!
10. I will not not worry about being boring. Or interesting. I’m not writing this to entertain anyone.
11. I will not worry about “trackbacks” or “blogrolls” or “permalinks” or any of that other stuff. I’ve got enough details in my life.
12. I will not hide the fact that I’m a geek. Or can be really uncool. Or might be interested in stuff you don’t think is cool. It’s not worth the energy.
13. I will be honest and will not edit myself to make anyone happy. When I write for pay, I’ll worry about editing.
14. Trendiness is for people who lack imagination. If it’s been covered somewhere else ad nauseum, I’m not going to waste electrons.

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  1. Flipthedolphin Says:

    I do not agree with some points (I’m a stats fetishist) but it’s cool anyway.

  2. The Trend Junkie Says:

    Hence, the name…. the “Bad” blogger manifesto :-)

  3. Says:

  4. Says:

    not sure why the url didn’t appear in last comment but, here you go:

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