Sunday, March 06, 2005

Pirillo on Search Engine Strategies

This is great, Chris Pirillo, in his review of the Search Engine Strategies conference that just took place in New York City:

"My search engine strategy? Publish. "

I hear ya bro, I get alot of my very limited traffic here from search. Mostly people looking for the stuff I have posted about. Just publish, and write relevant content and ye shall rank. I know I am making it sound simple, as with everything its easier said than done, but it works. You have to be content centric and relevant with whatever category you are trying to rank high in. That is one of the biggest parts of naturally ranking at least to the "visible" point in any engine, and by visible I mean on the first 3 pages, page 4 isn't really relevant since we know that less than 9% of internet users go beyond the first 3 pages of any search. I myself rarely go past the second page.

However, in the corporate world, there is a ton of need for SEM / SEO shops to assist companies with getting their message out in the search engines. Some, actually most, simply do not have a clue how to go about it. There is definitely a secret sauce or two out there for the organic rankings, we are sooo beyond "meta-tags," and paid search, well paid is paid, in most cases, money can always get you where you want to be.

Anyhow, Chris knows whats up, he ranks number one for the keyword "Chris" on Google, MSN and Yahoo , and thats a very relevant category :-)

So Chris, what did you think of New York City?


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