PSPcasting: Video To Go

Sean Carton writes in today’s Leading Edge column on the Clickz network about “PSPcasting”, a new way of on the go, on demand media for users of the new Sony PSP. People are quick aren’t they?

Within a day of the launch, users had discovered combining PSP Video 9 (a free PSP video conversion and management program) with Videora (a $22.95 automatic video downloader utilizing BitTorrent and RSS) allows them to cobble together a system that automatically downloads video feeds directly into their PSPs. Just like Adam Curry’s initial iPodder script, it isn’t the most elegant solution. But also like iPodder, it works. The implications for marketers could be pretty profound.

Whether this initial personalized videocasting iteration catches on with the PSP, it clearly seems to fit directly into a trend that shows no signs of stopping. Consumers are used to being in control of their media consumption and don’t seem interested in relinquishing that control. From MP3 players to TiVo to RSS syndication, podcasting, and now PSPcasting, the public seems pretty enamored with the concept of getting to read, hear, or watch what they want, when they want.

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