Offshoring (about 3 miles off that is)

Check this out - the Alarm Clock weblog posts about what they call the “Dork Boat”- this is an interesting idea that solves the timezone problem between offshoring programming and development to other countries. Of course expect some strong opinion on this….without a doubt.

“Geeks are enthralled by the story that a San Diego company called SeaCode is purchasing a cruise liner, is then going to pick up a shipload of 600 Indian coders, and park the boat in international waters three miles off the coast of Los Angeles. That way outsourcers can pay Indian prices but enjoy proximity and local time zones

Read more about it here.

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  1. TLG Says:

    Interesting concept, been reading a lot about this…

    I think it’s crazy enough to work, and If it does, we’ll see LOTS more of this kind of stuff!

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