Culture Reggae

For the regular readers of this blog, and listeners of Trend Radio, you know that one of my favorite music venues is The Funk Box in downtown Baltimore. The venue used to be the 8x10 Nightclub, an old staple of the Baltimore music scene. After my buddy Dave Rather and Tim Walther partnered up to renovate and open the Funk Box, well lets just say Baltimore music just got alot better!

This Thursday brought us the real true roots reggae sounds of Culture with Joseph Hill. Truly one of the most remarkable reggae artists out there. Hill is known for his amazing energy and strong words of peace. There is nothing like watching Hill and his wild eyes spreading the good vibe. The show brought back many memories of the show promotion days. I booked Culture circa 1999 at the same location when it was the 8x10 Nightclub, 10 days out of the show as a favor to their booking agent, and although I had heard of them and enjoyed the music, I wasnt sure of taking the risk of booking them with no time to really promote properly. I was told “DO IT” but the local reggae community. I booked it, printed flyers, got them out as fast as possible, the word got out, and the night of the show I was sold out at 300 + people vibing to Hill and friends. Truly amazing….

Glad to see them still rocking. Yeah mon!

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