Nonstop Disney

Hello all! I am posting from gate 9 at the Orange County Airport a.k.a. John Wayne Airport getting ready to head back to Baltimore. Disneyland was absolutely amazing, its the only word to describe what we just witnessed. What an incredible experience to be able to put together the first official podcast team for one of the worlds largest and most loved brands. One of the greatest parts of all of this, is that Disney truly “gets” podcasting! While interviewing Michael Eisner today, he brought it up to us, its great to see such thinking across the executive team. Surely, this is only the beginning.

We have been going non-stop for three days and working off of very little sleep. Kudos to Michael who, even after 2.5 full days of non-stop interviewing and running around still went back to his studio and produced the podcasts, and did a GREAT job! You can listen to May 3rd’s right here, and yesterdays here. The third and last podcast will be posted late tonight or tomorrow am.

There will be many follow up information and postings about the experience, but for now I am catching a flight home! Thanks again to Mike Spataro, Todd Storch, Michael Geoghegan and Tim Bourquin for the opportunity and the great work! Off to Baltimore….

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  1. ktoddstorch @ business thoughts Says:

    Disney Podcast #2: Happiest Homecoming on Earth

    The Wednesday (5/4/05) podcast is available!

  2. ktoddstorch @ business thoughts Says:

    Disney podcast #3: Happiest Homecoming on Earth

    The Thursday (5/5/05)

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