The Mobile Get Up

I think I am set with mobile technology for a while. I have successfully geeked out a new mobile “get up”which should take me well through the next year or so. I have been traveling more than ever and when I look into the near future and beyond there is a ton of travel coming up. So, I thought it was time to streamline a bit more. The gear I have acquired is as follows:

Laptop: Dell X1 (skinned by Dell buts its a Samsung) - 2.5 pounds, fully loaded. You can check the specs here.

Communications: The new Treo 650 - tough one for me since I have been a DEVOUT Blackberry user for the past 2.5 years. I like the simplicity of the Blackberry but was looking for a little more on the feature side. So, I am giving the Treo a shot, I have spoken with at least 15-20 Treo users who swear by them, and they range from the power user to the casual email user. I especially dig the speakerphone and a camera :-) Its weird to have a device where there is actually a very active software development initiative. Thats one thing that always bothered me about the Blackberry, you just couldn’t find any decent software.

All I can say is so far so good. The X1 rocks for portability and the Treo is doing just fine so far. Now I just have to hook up that bluetooth earpiece :-) I will report on the progress of the devices as I learn to get to know them better.


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  1. K. Todd Storch Says:

    Very cool!

    I have a Motorola bluetooth headset that I am very happy with. I use it with my SE mobile phone as well as when I’m talking on Skype.

    They are about $99 and worth it.


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