Playing with Odeo

I am just now getting around to playing around with the soon to be launched Odeo. I received my “preview access” and have just had a chance to dig in. So far Odeo looks pretty slick, the interface is clean and simple to use, with the main navigation being broken out into the three fundamental features of the service. The first is “Listen”, this opens an easy to use directory with search capabilities that make it quick and easy to find fresh audio content broken out by various channels, each channel is a podcasters RSS feed respectively. The system stores and categortizes specific shows and feeds with tags. My channel is called “The Trend Junkie” it was already in the system as a feed, and I will be claiming my feed with Trend Radio #10 coming this week.

Next is the “Sync” feature, which allows you take your queued up shows (any podcast you want to pull down) and using the desktop app dubbed the Odeo Syncr, you can load all of the audio you chose to your PC / iPod or any other digital media device of your choice. You can start to see how easy this service is going to use for the masses.

Finally, there is the “Create” section, which will offer up the Odeo Studio toolset. A web based studio that makes it simple to create audio content. This can be done via a microphone on your PC, or through the phone. There will also be RSS feed creation, management and hosting available as well. Those tools are not available in the initial beta, but I have requested early access to the publishing tools, so we will see. Overall, nice job by the Odeo’ers, how about “Odeans” guys?. I am curious as to what kind of pricing model they will come up with for the publishing service. I guess we will soon find out.

You can check out some screen shots on Flickr, there are plenty of them out there.

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