Blinkx for Podcast Searching

More and more the internet multimedia bandwagon online grows. I have been reading about Blinkx in the sphere for a while, and just got around to using it today. It offers a very unique interface to searching video which is its main function. The big news of course is that it will now search podcast content. You can submit your podcast using their interface here. Here is a excerpt from Mediapost’s “Just an Online Minute” newsletter from today:

“The search company Blinkx is expected to offer podcasts and video files that are completely searchable. Speech recognition software will transcribe and index feeds. Search engines and podcast directories usually index audio and video files by analyzing text that appears near the file. Some search engines use technology that pull closed-captioning transcripts from video programming. Blinkx already indexes video feeds from content companies with which it has agreements, including news organizations like CNN.”

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