Evan On Odeo

I was flipping through the current edition of Fast Company last night, I haven’t actually picked up a physical copy in a LONG time, (man did that magazine get smaller!). I found lots of good stuff in this months edition, including “60 Seconds with Evan Williams” co-founder of the recently launched Odeo. Here is a link on the FC site, and here is a highlight:

FC: Is there a business plan?

Williams: In the first phase, there won’t be any pricing. We want time to grow the idea and to make sure we’re providing something that people value before we think about the business plan and the pricing.

FC: Do you worry about podcasting being overhyped?

Williams: The hype is not a great thing. But I have no doubt that podcasting is a real shift, because it encapsulates all of the biggest trends in media today. And more important, as a user, I just think it’s cool, and I won’t give it up.

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