Dropping More NYC

Most of the folks who read my weblog know I travel to New York City often, sometimes for business and other times for pleasure. A couple of times a year my wife has to go up for the NY Gift Show as well as the Extracts trade events for her business, so what could be a better excuse to go to NYC for a weekend :-) . I just returned from the big apple, and keeping in tradtion would like to share my thoughts on some new establishments I tried out. This time, we were grateful to have experienced some wonderful culinary delights. So in no particular order, here are some interesting places to eat that I recommend if you are to hit up NYC in the near future.

Kittichai - This one was a referral from a friend who highly recommended we check it out. This wonderful thai restaurant is clearly a trendy hip spot, you know, the newest latest, located at the 60 Thompson hotel. Two things say it all, the green curry vegetables and the Chilean Sea Bass. The decor and ambiance were incredible as well, I am talking about floating candles and suspended orchid blooms over a stream of water - I mean very Zen.

Copper Chimney - Another fine referral (isn’t word of mouth marketing the best), thanks Jarrod. Copper Chimney is a brand new indian restaurant that goes way out from the standard indian. Only a month old, the kitchen features excellent cuisine combined with an INCREDIBLE ambiance. We just came in for dinner, but they had a great bar and lounge upstairs as well that we will have to check out next time.

Normas - This one was a recommendation from our hotel concierge. Two words, GREAT BRUNCH. Norma’s is located at the Le Parker Meridien hotel. The menu and decor was great, only one thing… WAY too much food! The portions are HUGE, I was looking around the room and noticing the trend of everyone staring at their plate half full. The service and food was excellent though and I highly recommend it.


2 Responses to “Dropping More NYC”

  1. K. Todd Storch Says:

    I love NYC (as you know)!

    When did Norma’s go into the Meridien hotel? I used to stay there 3/4 times a year years ago. Hmm…good excuse to go back?!


  2. Greg Says:

    No clue, but its great! definitely check it out the next time you are in the city! Just go HUNGRY! :-)

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