Back in the USA

Back in Baltimore, MD USA! After 6 flights and 3 cities in Europe, I must admit its good to be back home. At the same time I would have loved another week in Europe. We had a great time traveling through the Netherlands, Czech Republic and England. I got a chance to catch up with a few friends in Amsterdam, and met a great group of new friends as well. Before heading over, I had the idea of chartering a boat to take us through the city on a 2.5 hour cruise last Sunday evening. I looked no further than Mr. Amsterdam himself, Todd, to bring it all together, and that he certainly did. I recommend hiring a boat very much for anyone visiting Amsterdam, seeing that beautiful city from the canals is amazing - day or night. It was also great seeing the one and only Bicyclemark who is keeping it real and podcasting up a storm.

Prague was next on the initerary and was absolutely beautiful, the history there is so rich. There was so much to see and learn that we hired a walking tour guide for 3 hours one day so we could take in as much as possible. I recommend that as well, our guide new the most intricate details about the history of the city, the churches, down to odd facts about some of the paintings on the walls and the statues in the streets. Lots to see. Oh, and by the way, Czech’s brew some incredible beer! Pivo as they call it.

London was the last leg, short and sweet - we we’re there this past weekend, just in time to catch up with some friends for a long night out on Friday, and for Fireworks Night or Bonfire night on Saturday as they call it. We caught the fireworks display at Battersea Park close to the Thames River, and I have to admit it was a SUPER weak display given the way I have seen Britons celebrate this day. Last year we were in England at the same time and went to the city of Lewes where they REALLY celebrate Guy Fawkes day in a hardcore fashion. If you don’t know about the history of the celebration you can check it out here. That was an entirely different scene, and one worth checking out. We also hit the famous Portobello Road Market - one of our absolute favorite markets to hit when traveling. Its one of the most famous markets in the world, always full of interesting people and lots of unique finds, from antiques to young aspiring fashion designers, a must see in London. Check out the history of the market.

So thats a wrap and cap, back in the states now. In the next week lots happening. Look out for a new commercial podcast most likely next week and some new music related stuff I have been messing around with. Also, my company is launching a blog and I will post about that once we are ready to roll. More later.

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  1. bicyclemark Says:

    Was good to see you too my friend and we’ll certainly see each other around the “community” we call podcasting.

  2. flipthedolphin Says:

    Glad to see you back, alive and kickin’ ;)
    Looking forward for your future stuff.
    Stay cool!

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