The Category Killer

Google has just announced that it will make its popular web analytics software Google Analytics (formerly Urchin), FREE for use. All I can say is wow, talk about a category killer. When you look at the web analytics market, the leaders of the likes of Web Trends and Web Side Story have got to be sweating it. I have seen all three platforms in detail and the Urchin platform is no joke - we are talking serious analytics for marketers. Other market leaders like Omniture have a good leg to stand on, but will no doubt be impacted by this highly strategic decision by Google. I already know one colleague of mine who was about to sign a $10k deal with Web Trends this week and just backed out. Where would the sense be in signing? I am really curious to see how this plays out in this particular market. Oddly enough, my company has been looking for a solid web analytics program to integrate with so that we can offer advanced clickstream metrics for our clients email campaigns. We may have just found a solid solution - we are researching that now. Google is always full of surprises…..

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