Boston, BIMA & Charity Goodness

This has been a truly wild week. I just returned from Boston, where I attended the 5th Annual Boston Interactive Media Association/Yahoo! Charity Gala. The event was held at the Four Seasons hotel in the Back Bay area of the city. The BIMA crew did an excellent job with planning and promoting, and the event was an absolute rocking success. Attendance was in the 400 range! The event was black tie optional, and everyone was decked out having a good time (some were having a REALLY good time!).

My company is a big supporter of MITX, BIMA’s parent organization, we handle alot of their email marketing and continuously support their initiatives. This particular event is put on for online media professionals, and this year folks charitably gathered to support AccesSportAmerica, an organization that assists disabled people with participating in high-challenge sports. To raise money the event has a big silent auction (I love silent auctions) filled with good stuff. I decided to be a very active bidder this year and went home with a new Tivo system and a Sirius Satellite Radio kit. I am very psyched to play with the new toys, both have been on my list of “I gotta get me one of those.” On behalf of my company, we also bid on a new high res Magnavox television and won. Our VP of Business Development, who is based in Boston and maintains great relations with the organization, took that one home as a bonus ;-)

Great job to everyone involved in putting on such a great event. The spirit was high and most importantly the event yielded over $30,000.00 in donations for AccesSportAmerica! Nice work.

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