The Entreprenuerial Life

Darren Rouse lays out 7 characteristics of the entrepreneurial life after discussing his start up experiences with a colleague. The truth be told - I have found them all to be accurate in my entreprenuerial life:

The good:

Freedom/Flexibility - Working for yourself brings with it some wonderful positives including the freedom not to have to answer to anyone and the ability to set your own course (and work hours).

The bad:

Emotional Roller Coaster - We both spoke of times of elation, lots of fear and uncertainty and times of real disappointment and even depression.

The Ugly:

Workaholism - Talk to most start up owners and you see a glazed look in their eyes that is the direct result of the combination of lack of sleep, too many hours in front of a screen and the inability to get your mind off the job.

Check out all 7 at Darren’s kick ass blog -

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