The Thinking Inbox

I am proud to finally annouce that my company, Blue Sky Factory, Inc has launched a weblog dubbed, “The Thinking Inbox.” I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, and its always great to see things manifest. I used to write a blog called Media Mind, which served as more of my email, online media and marketing soapbox. However, after focusing my writing on The Trend Junkie, I thought to myself, “OK, time to get blogging for the business now that I am committed to this medium,” and hence that is what we have done. A company blog should no doubt be just that, various people from the company posting their knowledge, expertise and findings and sharing them with the rest of the world.

I have a great team contributing to the blog. In addition to myself, the initial blog team includes my partner Rich, Ben in operations, Tim in business development and Keith in creative / design, and this is just the first shift :-) It’s interesting to watch everyone settle into their own “posting rhythm.” It took a little while before we had enough content to make me comfortable in promoting the blog to the public. We set out to extend our company’s message and share our expertise by covering topics related to the email marketing and online advertising space. Its also really great to see some of the people in the company writing. I am a big believer in the idea that by writing, one also learns. I know its certainly been the case for myself. Not to shock anyone either, but next up for Blue Sky Factory, is also a podcast that will cover all sorts of interesting topics and include many interesting people. So, if you are interested in the topics of email and online marketing I encourage you to start by checking out The Thinking Inbox.

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