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The folks at Rocketboom have successfully received a $40,000.00 bid for advertising . With an opening bid of $500, thats not too shabby for a first run effort at show sponsorship. With 105 bids submitted, “starfinder5″ was the successful bidder. Details are on the eBay auction page.

Here are some highlights, that I found very interesting:

What the winner gets:

For the highest bidder, we will create five original, fifteen second (minimum) - one minute (maximum) post-roll commercials that will span five days of programming

Did you know?

Rocketboom reaches a minimum of 130,000 people per day and each day’s video, over the course of several days, receives over 200,000 complete views. Thus, the advertisement reach for this auction is currently a minimum of one million views.

Most importantly, here is some info on the Rocketboom audience demographic:

Rocketboom reaches innovators, technological leaders, futurists, trend-watchers, cutting edge internet users and media observers, including bloggers and journalists. Our viewers are international, informed, lifestyle conscious and are the first adopters of technology.

Nice job to Amanda and crew, your breaking new ground here, the next wave of advertising and sponsorship begins….

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