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Feedburner makes me happy. This week they have released enhanced statistics for the both the free and paid versions. Right now, I am still using the free version but finally after using the service since Nov 04, I am going to make the leap to the $5/ month plan. Its about time! After learning about what else I can find out about my syndication I pretty much have to check it out. Plus I have no problem paying for a service that I already love, it can only get better from here. Looking forward to seeing the “other side” of Feedburner.

Here is a preview of what you get with the free service:


* Uncommon Uses: This is a new concept we’re introducing that really begins to leverage the critical mass of feed readers, bots, search engines, news filters, and other common feed sources that we observe. Uncommon Uses identifies and highlights places where your feed content is referenced or clicked that FeedBurner does not recognize as a common feed service. Uncommon uses includes contact with your feed by non-subscribers.

* Podcasts: We’ve (finally) added the ability to track the number of downloads of rich media enclosures within a feed, including audio and video, in addition to the number of subscriptions.

For the initiated:

TotalStats (Premium Service)

* Reach (TotalStats): Another new concept and metric that tells you what percentage of your total subscriber base is actively reading and clicking on individual items within a feed. Like newspapers or magazines, some number of people subscribe and another number actively open and act on content. Reach begins to provide some insight into this second metric.

* Item popularity (TotalStats): More thorough drill-down on the popularity of individual items in a feed, giving you insight about specific posts on specific days as well as a history of activity.

According to their blog they aren’t done yet, of course not! More goodness to come from Feedburner, as always keep up the great work.

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