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Yes, I am still alive :-) , just a short blog hiatus. I just received Mediapost’s “Just an Online Minute” written by editor Tobi Elkin. Today’s edition covers the results of Yahoo’s second annual survey of entrepreneurial aspirations, targeted towards the baby boomers. The results are interesting, 66% of the respondents have considered starting their own businesses, compared to 72% last year. The study, completed 4 weeks ago included 2100 participants and was conducted by Harris Interactive. 31% said that doing work they really love was the main reason for launching a business , and the second most popular reason was to “be my own boss.”

Here are some other findings as noted in todays Mediapost newsletter:

55 percent of respondents chose “own my own business” as the kind of work they would prefer to do late in life. Other choices included: volunteer work/public service (42 percent); consulting (29 percent); teaching (20 percent); and running for political office, retail/customer service, corporate officer, and sales (less than 15 percent).
75 percent of U.S. adults who go online said that the Internet has made it easier to start a small business.
92 percent of U.S. adults who go online said it was important for a new small business to have an Internet presence.

I am glad to see so many people are interested in starting their own business. Tobi raises an interesting question about the survey, and that is why the report didnt cover the drop in interest - 72% down to 66%. Maybe it was the participants that were surveyed, a different group possibly? Maybe boomers have increasingly become set in their ways and “starting up” a business is less of a priority to them. Of course my 2 cents is to go for it. Start that business, dont do it later in life, do it now :-)

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